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VlogKill - Laguna Beach - 60 Second Trailer

What happens when you mix a famous YouTube vlogger, like PewDiePie, with the TV shows “The X-Files” and “Dexter”?

Titmouse VR Hack-N-Haunt

This is what happens when you mix Monster VR, Titmouse Studios, Halloween, energy drinks, no sleep, and a whole bunch of twisted creativity.

VR Film School

Welcome to VR Film School, a 2-day workshop teaching VR enthusiasts how to become VR filmmakers.

Monster Mashups

Organized events with local tech meetups (OC Tech Happy Hour, OC Tech in Motion) to grow VR awareness.

OCVR (Orange County Virtual Reality) Meetups

In addition to hackathons, OCVR organized frequent meetups showcasing industry speakers and demos.