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Old Sparky

This is a fully immersive VR experience where the player is literally shocked.

Money Grab VR

Take an old money booth experience to a whole new level!



Sweet Escape VR

Climb high! Climb fast! Don’t ever be last! It’s where "Hansel and Gretel" meets "America Ninja Warrior".


Gatball is a two player experience where you use your “gunsword” to shoot and smack the soccer-like-ball into the other player’s net to score a goal.
Warp Smuggler

Travel through an endless vortex of vast treasures and ever-increasing danger.



SoCal VR Conference and Expo

We teamed up with multiple VR communities to host the first ever SoCal VR Conference and Expo.

Monster Mondays

Once a month at the Copper Door, a local speakeasy, Monster VR organized social mixers for the community to drink, share and network everything AR/

Cincinnati Reds Opening Day

Marlana VanHoose sings Opening Day's national anthem at a Cincinnati's Reds game.