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  • Call all your customers and friends!
    Every experience,
    We develop custom VR and AR experiences.
  • Sweeeet!
    Race for your life.
    It's a twisted, VR game of "Hansel and Gretel"
    meets "American Ninja Warrior".
  • Let's get together!
    Every event, an opportunity.
    Whether throwing a hackathon, conference or social mixer,
    we'll always be community-driven.
  • It's not your
    grandpa's money booth.

Who We Are

We help companies connect with their customers by creating compelling, social, branded, virtual reality and augmented reality experiences.
Our purpose...
Spark wonder and inspire limitless creativity.
Our mission...
We create impactful, meaningful VR and AR solutions by focusing our collective strengths in emerging technologies and community building.
Our vision...
Transform today’s ideas into tomorrow’s realities.
We were created on the frontlines of the VR revolution as founders of Orange County's premiere, VR meetup organization, OCVR. We’re a seasoned host of large-scale hackathons, monthly social mixers, conferences, and educational classes. In addition to developing VR games, we offer a variety of consulting and development services in conjunction with other VR enthusiasts. Our home is within the community, helping them discover professional and personal growth. Whether through fear, excitement, humor or love, our projects are more than a technical “show and tell”, they’re experiences to make people feel ALIVE.

We’re changing the way people understand, build, and share the world with VR.

Monstrous capabilities

Leveraging today's emerging technologies, we do a bit of everything. Our strategic and development stengths lie in VR, AR and 360° video. We've grown an amazingly fun and social community in a traditionally unsocial industry.

VR Experiences

  • - Games
  • - Interactive
  • - Site installations
  • - Multiplayer
  • - Room-scale

360° Video

  • - Pre-production
  • - Production
  • - Submerged
  • - Aerial
  • - Post-production

Development Services

  • - End-to-end
  • - Interactive
  • - Mobile AR
  • - Multiuser
  • - Room-scale


  • - Small and large scale
  • - University workshops
  • - Corporate partnerships

Conferences & Education

  • - Small and large scale
  • - University workshops
  • - Corporate partnerships


  • - Social mixers
  • - Meetup groups
  • - eSports

Monstrous work

Endless possibilities.
Cincinnati Reds Opening Day

Marlana VanHoose sings Opening Day's national anthem at a Cincinnati's Reds game.



Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center

Take an immersive walk through the convention center’s newly renovated meeting and entertainment facilities.



The Deck 360°

Relax at one of Laguna Beach’s few waterfront restaurants on the beach.



OCVR (Orange County Virtual Reality) Hackathons

There’s something about a deadline that makes magic happen. Monster VR’s founders were also founders of Orange County VR.

Montage Laguna Beach

Take a virtual tour of one of Southern California's hidden, coastal gems.



San Diego Zoo

Produced for the Tech to Reconnect program.

The Deck

Based on the Money Grab VR money booth experience, developed a customized level featuring The Deck’s coastal sights and sounds.


Turtle Bay Resort Oahu

Take a deep breath and enjoy a shoreline stroll of North Shore's Turtle Bay Resort.



VlogKill - Laguna Beach - 60 Second Trailer

What happens when you mix a famous YouTube vlogger, like PewDiePie, with the TV shows “The X-Files” and “Dexter”?

Are you ready to level up? We can help.

We're grateful to work with people who share the same vision and values

Monster leadership

We're an extremely passionate bunch,
restless, clever and sparky about the future.

Dylan Watkins


Fearless and gritty.

Matt Kinney


All heart and drive.

Sean Lavery


Mad scientist, reality engineer.

Tanya Miramontes


Great with numbers, great with people!

Patrick Eleazar


All purpose creative.

Our Adventures

A picture is worth a thousand words. We have tons of pictures. That's a lot of words.

Partners, clients, friends

Our Blog

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